Expired Domains #1

Expired domain name auctions have steadily become the most competitive part of the domain aftermarket. It’s not uncommon for multiple domains in GoDaddy Auctions to end in the four to five-figure range on a daily basis, given the same names may have gone for three-figures only a few years ago. Since high quality domains continue to grow in value and bargains are getting harder to find, expired domain auctions provide direct access to previously unattainable names.

For that reason, I think there is plenty of value in expired domains, even if the acquisition prices are on the higher end. My expired domain lists aim to provide readers with some of the best expiring domains that still have reasonable prices. Enjoy.

AdultColoring.com – Coloring books for adults is a growing industry. “Adult Coloring” receives 22,000 searches per month.

DatabaseDeveloper.com – 3,600 searches per month, a solid EMD for someone working with databases, Excel, SQL, etc.

Sonaar.com – A nice brandable.


FlexPortal.com – Solid two-word domain with many uses. Could be a good SquadHelp submission.

BusinessU.com – Perfect for a course website geared towards business.


MindBooster.com – Another cool two word with mental health and intelligence connotations. I expect this to go for four-figures easy.

FirstGen.com – With new generations of technology, the first gens will always be important.


MetalLab.com – Lab is a very good selling keyword.

GayMedia.com – Media is also a very good selling keyword.

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