Domain Ideas #3 – “Near Me” Domains

In the seemingly infinite sea of keyword ideas, a relatively successful suffix in domaining has been the search term “near me”. Chances are you’ve searched Google at some point for a phrase such as “pizza near me” or “auto repair near me”, and before the days of Yelp, you’d see an array of smaller directory websites directing these specific search queries to nearly-matching domain names.

While those days are behind us, domain names with the “near me” suffix still continue to sell well – not only to end users, but in the wholesale domain market as well. In 2019, NameBio reported 38 sales for .com domains ending in “near me”. Here are some of the sales on that list –

electriciannearme.com1,710 USD2019-10-07DropCatch
threadingnearme.com1,525 USD2019-10-05GoDaddy
towingnearme.com770 USD2019-07-25GoDaddy
moldremovalnearme.com493 USD2019-04-12GoDaddy
duilawyernearme.com314 USD2019-12-11GoDaddy
laundromatsnearme.com304 USD2019-01-07GoDaddy
autopartsstorenearme.com281 USD2019-07-08GoDaddy
roadsideassistancenearme.com274 USD2019-08-05GoDaddy
personaltrainernearme.com270 USD2019-04-05GoDaddy
thaifoodnearme.com267 USD2019-05-31GoDaddy
painternearme.com261 USD2019-02-03GoDaddy
icecreamnearme.com251 USD2019-05-31GoDaddy
eyedoctorsnearme.com249 USD2019-05-30GoDaddy
cigarshopnearme.com247 USD2019-12-02GoDaddy
hypnotistnearme.com241 USD2019-05-21GoDaddy
limonearme.com240 USD2019-05-23GoDaddy

As you can see, domain investors are still bidding competitively on “near me” domains, so there must be a market for them. But these domains aren’t only bid on in expired auctions, there are plenty of domains available to hand register that could be sold to another domainer or to an end user. Here are some of the best available names I could find. All of these names have monthly search volumes in the thousands, so there seems to be interest in these phrases.

While admittedly these are not the cream of the crop, I don’t think its unreasonable to register names like these in bulk and carry out some outbound sales in the low $xxx range.

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