6 Great Domains in the Real Estate Investment Industry

Another project of mine is a job board for real estate investment trusts – REITJobs.com. While doing research and building the site, I took note of the websites of various businesses and the domains they use. Generally speaking, most REITs use a variation of exact-match domains, acronyms, and “reit” keyword combinations. That being said, there were a fair share of great domains in the bunch, which I’ve featured here.


The domain Cousins.com is owned by a REIT based in Atlanta, Cousins Properties. Over the past few years, the domain has sold publicly three times, with each sale being for moire than the last. It seems Cousins Properties acquired the domain in 2017 in a private sale and has been using it for their main website since. Cousins.com has been registered since 1995, making it twenty-five years old. Cousins Properties currently manages about 22 million square feet of prime office space across the Sun Belt region.

cousins.com30,000 USD2017-10-29Pvt Sale
cousins.com12,522 USD2016-01-04NameJet
cousins.com8,611 USD2014-02-28NameJet


Another strong one-word domain, Simon.com, is owned by Indianapolis REIT Simon Property Group. While there is no public sales information available for the domain, it seems Simon Property Group acquired the name in the early 2000s. Prior to Simon’s acquisition, the domain name seems to have hosted an informational website for the town of Clayton, MO. Simon.com was first registered in 1997. Simon’s real estate portfolio includes dining, shopping, and entertainment centers across North America, Europe, and Asia.


ARE.com is currently owned by the Pasadena REIT Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc. This three letter, one word domain name would fetch quite a high price by today standards, but there is no record of how much the company paid for the domain name. While ARE.com has been registered since 1994, Alexandra did not come to possess it until sometime in the early 2010s. Prior to their acquisition, the domain name was owned and operated by Aerie Infosystems Inc. Alexandria Real Estate Equities owns and manages real estate across major cities across the United States.


The next three letter domain on the list is VNO.com, which is owned by New York based Vornado Realty Trust. Having first been registered in 1996, VNO.com seems to have been owned by Vornado since its creation. Coincidentally, Vornado.com is owned by Vornado Air LLC, a company that sells air and wind appliances. Vornado Realty Trust is a dominant force in the New York City real estate industry, with development and acquisitions in office, retail, and residential real estate.


Possibly my favorite of the bunch, Arbor.com is owned by Uniondale company Arbor Realty Trust. First registered in 1995, Arbor.com used to be owned by Arbor Publishing Corp, and made it into the REIT’s hands sometime in the mid-2000s. Arbor Realty Trust specializes in multifamily financing and operates throughout the United States.


Another three letter domain, LXP.com, is owned by New York based real estate company Lexington Property Trust. LXP.com was first registered in 1996 and has hosted Lexington’s website since the late 1990s. Lexington Property Trust currently manages properties in 32 states and owns over $3 billion in assets.

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